Breaking News: Congolese rejected Dinka’s $2 millions Dollars and says “we are not like Kenyan”the Dinka led Gov’t delegates to Congo (DRC) have completed a three days failed visited


Nov. 10, 2016, Government of Democratic Republic of Congo and the people of Congo rejected $2 millions Dollars and says we are not like Kenya, a Dinka led government in Juba had sent seven (7) Dinka delegation on behave of President Salva Kirr. Salva Kirr send a Dinka group led by Dinka minister of defence to bribed the people of Congo. However, the mission has failed after the rejection of money by the people of Congo.

According to a very close and reliable source within the circle of the presidency revealed that the delegations headed by Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk are currently negotiating term and conditions of the Security cooperation agreement which is due to be signed shortly by the Minister and the Military high command in HOTEL FLAVE Congo shortly before they take off for Juba.

The visits have not made any significant impacts, because they failed to convince the Civil societies, NGOs, and MONUSCO on their false message that president Kiir declare Amnesty for all arm Oppositions in the country.

The Security cooperation agreement is meant to build relationship between Congo and South Sudan in term of their political crisis comes the 19th, Dec 2016 , that relinquish the constitutional limit of President Kabila., the duo signed an agreement to protect and extend the term limit of the said President.

One important thing to note which every one is fighting for, is the domination of the key sectors of government by one tribe in the country (Dinka).

If you are true south Sudanese you can judge it for your self the list of the delegates who came to Congo for this secret and deadly mission as here below:

  1. H.E. Kuol Manyang Juuk (Defense Minister).
  2. Lt Gen. Mangar Buong for operations.

  3. Maj. Gen. Kuol Deng Abut (Director General for International relations)

  4. Maj. Gen. Marial Nuor ( Chief of Military intelligence)

  5. Maj. Gen. Majak Arop Kuol (Director for Data base Division for external National Security)

  6. Col. Lazarus Lalik Awan (Military Intelligence)

  7. Mr. Deng Athuai (Office manager for the Minister of Defense)

  8. Mr. Arok Bol. (Camera man for the Minister)

  9. Mr. Peter Anyieth. (Body guard to the Minister).
    The delegation has failed to achieved their deadly mission, which was entirely meant to neutralize the SPLA-IO in the territory of Congo.

Stay tune for more updates.

Victory is certain..
Long live SPLA-IO

LONG LIVE. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon (PhD)



  1. People,and the current generation of South Sudan will not and can not forget what the DINKA have done to them. time will come for them to take back their RITES . salva kir be ready , for we are coming to take revenge .

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