Fresh clashes erupt in Yambio town

Nov. 10, 2016,


Juba – At least three people including a little girl were killed and two others wounded in fresh clashes between government troops and armed groups in Yambio town this morning, a local official said.

Daniel Badagbu, mayor of Yambio town, told Radio Tamazuj today that SPLA-IO rebels attacked Yambio town this morning, but they were repulsed.

He further said heavy gunfire was heard round Ikiro and Kuba residential areas at 6:00 am and continued for some minutes. He pointed out that the attack resulted in the killing of at least three people including a little girl.

“In the morning, fighting erupted in Yambio town, those criminals came and they started shooting, they shot at people, so two people and a little girl died,” said Badagbu.

The municipal official noted that the civilians who fled after the clashes erupted are returning to the town. He claimed that the security situation returned to normal.

Daniel Badagbu revealed that three policemen who were reported kidnapped by armed groups in Yambio town managed to return to their families in the town

Separately, a teacher was shot dead by a gunman while riding his bicycle in Yambio town on Wednesday morning. Police authorities announced that they managed to arrest one suspect affiliated to Arrow Boys, but he was later found to be a relative to the victim.


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