Breaking News: The office of the President, the Dinka led government in Juba losses 280 Millions dollars again, money are stolen, what is going on?


Nov. 13, 2016, the spokesperson of the president was not reachable for comment. Also, officials at the ministry of finance declined to comment on the matter, saying they have no information.

In a separate interview, a member of the presidential guard told Sudan Tribune they had been told on Saturday evening that 280 millions are lost from the safe in the main office and they must all be investigated.

“They showed us a safe which has been broken but I am not sure whether any of my colleagues has done that. We had been at the gate from around 08:pm on Saturday,” the presidential guard said on Sunday.

If confirmed, it will be the third incident to occur in the highest office of the country in less than two years after top presidential aides were sentenced to life in prison over theft and forgery in the name of the president.



    • Good question prof., I think the bank is not safe to keep the money in partly due reselling for profit making by more dedicated thieves, and so President office is more exclusive and ensures control by the one who is a banker, accountant, and all else. Keep the money there and you secure being in power and control dishing it out to pay off supporters directly in cash. And of course the special missions to bring Gatdet to Juba and anyone else posing opposition to kleptocracy

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