Breaking News: The ordeal of Amb. John Andruga’s confession on his forced mission by Dinka led government to killed his own Equatorian

Amb.jpgKampala, November 14, 2016; Almost a week at Nimosa luxury apartment in Kampala’s suburb where the affluent upper class citizens live, Ambassador John Andruga sent from Juba to Kampala for “Mission Impossible”– to come, find, abduct and take to Juba, SPLA-IO officers Juba believes are hiding in Uganda.
On the 13th of November he made an attempt to contact senior SPLA-IO officials with the aim to find ways how he could possibly cross (defect) to SPLA-IO camp. In a meeting held in closed doors in the same apartment where the duos are residing since their arrival in Kampala, Andruga expressed his frustration with the government he serves.
He talked of the following:
1- marginalization, killings and mistreatment of Equatorians.
2- he talked of his personal ordeals: dismissal from the ambassadorial position two years ago before his reinstatement last year.
3- He also talked of how Dinka cows destroyed his farm located in Kerepi, he accused the senior SPLA army officers including the Minister of defense for destruction of his farm last year.
4- He directly blamed Koul Manyany saying vast majority of the cows belong to him, in the more shocking revelation.
5- John Andruga revealed and said he was dishearten and profoundly disappointed in the government he whole heartedly worked hard to promote in the world capital cities,
6- He said also that he is disappointed and become hopeless in the government of Kiir, when the government soldiers ransacked his house in Kerepi, he was expecting statement of condemnation from the President but to his dismay nothing happened and the soldiers continue to this date to occupy his building in Kerepi.
7- Ambassador John Andruga confessed to the SPLA-IO officials in the meeting that despite his working with the government, deep in his heart he often feels deep sense of guilt — that he has betrayed his people — the Equatorians. When he is alone, he sometimes feels like the prodigal son. On one hand the government he works for, doesn’t trust him and his Equatorian colleagues.
Indeed in many meetings, the Dinka colleagues don’t invite them, though they are supposed to, according to the protocols. On the other hand his own people — the Madi, don’t trust him. To them he is a lost sheep of not only Madi, but Equatoria as a whole. Now it is like he has one leg in one world and another leg in the second world with existence in none.
While Gen. Mikaya Modi who was also in the meeting expressed like Ambassador Andruga, expressed his frustration with the authority in Juba, and more so with the army that is continuing to bring suffering to his people of Equatoria. He lamented that even if he should cross switch side to the other camp (SPLA-IO), he is not sure whether his Equatorian brothers in SPLA-IO will accept and trust him. Meanwhile Paul Omoya who was also in the meeting kept quiet most of the time it was not clear whether he is guilty about their action to betraying their Equatorian brothers in SPLA-IO.
After the meeting which lasted for about two hours, the SPLA-IO representatives said, they will try to convey the message from Andruga and his colleagues Mikaya and Paul Omoya to the senior authority within SPLA-IO. One SPLA-IO official in the meeting concluded the meeting by saying “Saul the greatest persecutor of Christians became Paul, the Apostle of Christ”. The meeting ended without a resolution, and it is not clear, whether Ambassador Andruga is now another Saul on his way from Damascus to Jerusalem, where he saw the light which brought him to conversion. But one thing is clear; Andruga and his colleagues are in Kampala for a deadly mission — to find, abduct and send to Juba, the opponents of the government. And in that mission the South Sudanese government agents are being helped by a Ugandan by the name Ali Moroto, a seasoned secret agent, once a security operative in President Idi Amin’s State Research. It is not clear whether or not all these events are taking place with the full knowledge of the Ugandan government.

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