Breaking News: Official confirms massacre near Yei


Nov. 17, 2016, A state official has confirmed a massacre of a dozen civilians near the town of Yei reported by Radio Tamazuj on Saturday.

The Minister of Local Government in Yei State told a news conference in Yei on Wednesday that twelve civilians were killed in Pukuka Village in two separate grass houses.

Pukuka village is close to Lutaya, the approximate area in which Radio Tamazuj reportedthe massacre took place, saying “at least 11 villagers” were killed by SPLA troops.

Yongule Athanasius Lojojo says seven of the corpses were burnt beyond recognition and were buried in a mass grave on Tuesday afternoon. He said that there is a possibility of more dead bodies rotting in the bushes.

The minister strongly condemned the incident and said the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

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