Breaking News: Taban Deng Gai is joining G-10 and had a secret calls with Agelina Teny, the wife of Dr. Riek Machar

taban-and-angelina.jpgNov. 17, 2016, a source who wanted to remain anonymous contacted Africans Press to confirmed that the fake FVP Taban Deng Gai has held a secret meeting with Deng Alor about a week ago and decided that “we will work together for the long term about the future of South Sudan” he said

The problem of the discusion was a about Dinka Jieng Council of Elders, Deng Alor and Taban Deng Gai agrees that Dinka Council of Elder is an obstacle for the way forward, therefore, they must either “be eliminated or topple the Dinka led government by force” he said.