SPLM-IO call the Dinka led Gov’t Amnesty as a nonsense and only a desparate calls



For Immediate release
Nov. 17, 2016, in response to the false allegations made by Defense Minister, Comrade Kuol Manayang Juk claiming that “the Juba regime was ready to welcome the armed opposition forces residing in refugee camps in DRC” This makes no sense and it does not fit.

Such white liars have No uses on the media. As such claim that the SPLA/IO fighters have been granted amnesty by South Sudan President Salva Kiir for them to return to Juba to be placed in cantonment sites for screening. Our 750 troops are doing well and they are put in safe conduct in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) whereas they will be meeting the team from the UN Security Council to discuss their status as well as relocation to Pagak through Ethiopia or Sudan. They are going to be given forms by UN to be filled to their destination and all shall be filling Ethiopia or Sudan as a transit to Pagak. I am calling the general public and particularly the SPLM/A-IO mass supporters to disregard the message published on the Dawn newspaper or the false claims by Juba regime.

The SPLA-IO has proved to the world that it’s position of peace agreement and we are not threatening any one in DRC; this is the fact that their being in Congo was well coordinated by UN and government of DRC. However, their relocation will be arranged, coordinated by the SPLM/A-IO leadership and UN because all those fighters are under command of Dr.Machar, the chairman and commander in chief of SPLM/A. Juba has got no business in this case and this further proven beyond reasonable doubts that, South Sudan president and Defense minister don’t even know what they are talking about.

In real life, where on earth do you grant pardon to fighters you have not made peace or contact with? Their evil intention is out in open and widely exposed. Furthermore, why would one grant pardon to forces under his opponent whom he doesn’t want to make peace with, and whom he doesn’t want to return to the country? Plus, these forces didn’t ask to be repatriated to South Sudan where some of their comrades were massacred in J1 and subsequent violent pursuit which sent them to DRC. They have the last say on their own fate and juba shouldn’t make such satanic nonsense.

Finally, not the lease, Juba regime should feel ashamed of claiming back the very people who are their leader escaped death or wanted to be slaughtered at J1 during July’s incident. In addition, On the 16/11/2016, a military convoy of (7) Trucks mounted with ammunitions and other equipment sent from Juba to Yei to reinforce the scattered forces in both Morobo and Bazi two days ago, fall in to an ambush by the freedom fighters and it is believed that, non survivors are being found after the raid.

The Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) has been taken heart for so long to envision the peace in the country while the dead regime in Juba doesn’t allow peace avail in the country. Therefore, IGAD, AU and Troika would not blame us for resuming the resistance against the regime as “Taban and Kiir” forces are always attacking our bases and we had been remains in self defense. This time around, war is prevalence at every corner of the country.

Col William Gatjiath Deng, Spokesperson, SPLA/IO
Office of spokesperson, SPLA in Opposition, PAGAK GHQS


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