By John Alfa Insider*

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Nov. 20, 2016, after the crown Hotel coup, Taban Deng was crowned by Salva Kiir as the First Vice President replacing Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Consequently, Taban embarked on diplomatic mission to destroy the SPLM-IO. His trip to Khartoum was one of the most remarkable achievements where he acknowledged the support of SPLA-N and signed the agreement with the Khartoum government to end support to SPLA-N and expulsion of its leaders within 21 days.

When Taban returned, Salva Kiir contacted the leader of SPLA-N Malik Agar who is based in Paris and requested him to come to Juba for an urgent meeting. Malik responded to the call and traveled to Juba, in the meeting with Kiir in presence of Stephen Taban Deng(STD), Kiir opened the meeting and introduced STD to explain the purpose of the agenda of the meeting.

STD said since he became the First Vice President he traveled to Khartoum to stabilize the relationship between the two countries, however, he STD believed stability of South Sudan is intertwined with the stability of Sudan and therefore he would advice Malik and his colleagues in the SPLA- N to join the National dialogue initiated by President Bashir. Failure to do that Juba will be left with no other option but only to expel the SPLA-N from the territory of South Sudan by force.

Malik Agar was shocked to hear that, the first question he asked was who is the President of South Sudan? Salva or Taban? Salva Kiir responded by saying “I am the President, I am the President”. Salva Kiir took the rhetoric question very serious because Malik Agar looked undoubtably serious. It was a leadership challenge.

Malik Agar said Mr. President when you called on phone while I was in Paris you told me there’s an urgent message, I never thought that the message will be conveyed to me by Taban Deng Gai who has no shame to request SPLA-N to surrender to Khartoum.

“Does Taban know how many lives we sacrificed for the independent of South Sudan?” Asked Malik Agaar.

“Does Taban know how the people of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile fought for the liberation of South Sudan?” He ask again?

“Where was he when our bones littered the land of South Sudan?” And asked again. Taban looked between his legs as if he was peeing but he was just sweating.

“Taban we aren’t going anywhere, as SPLA-N we are here to stay whether you like it or not.” Malik Agaar concluded boldly looking in the face of Salva Kiir. At this point Taban was done.

“Until you become the President of South Sudan then you can do whatever you want to do to SPLA-N.” Malik Agaar warns.

“From today onwards I don’t want to hear from you, neither call me nor ask me.” Malik Agaar declared and that was by no mean a point of contention. It was the END of the meeting.

Without looking into the face of a journalist camera pointed at him while leaving the venue, Taban was heard talking to himself saying that the problem of South Sudan was Salva Kiir. “How can he chicken out of deal with Khartoum saying it was me Taban who signed the agreement with Khartoum?”

It was a bad day for STD but this was just the beginning until Omar el Bashir finds out exactly what happened.