Donald Trump A Modern Day Hitler? This Teacher Says Check Your Histor–Facts! Suspended For Speaking Out

Frank Navarro spent every morning the same way for the past 40 years. He would wake up and teach history at Mountain View High School in California, making a long lasting impact on his students. Little did he know he would be suspended from his job for telling it like it is.

A concerned parent allegedly emailed the school complaining about his “anti-Trump” lecture and suddenly, Navarro was asked to leave his classroom. Uh…asked to leave the classroom for speaking the truth? HELL to the NO!

Normally, history teachers are asked to keep their political opinions to themselves so their lessons are unbiased and completely fact-based, so the parent had every right to be concerned, right?

However, Navarro, who is a Holocaust scholar, believes his lesson is based on facts and facts only. And considering his experience, he must know a thing or two about Hitler! Having studied Hitler, he noticed some parallels between President Elect Trump and the German dictator.

For example, both men promised to deport foreigners to make their country…well, “great again.” Hitler was anti-jew, Trump is anti-muslim. You get the picture. Again, the teacher was drawing his parallels from facts, notopinion. Put your hands in the air if you’ve ever heard your history teacher say worse without your school blinking an eye!

“This feels like we’re trying to squash free speech,” Navarro told the Monterey Herald. “Everything I talk about is factually based. They can go and check it out. It’s not propaganda or bias if it’s based on hard facts.”

A petition on that asks Mountain View to issue an apology to Navarro and to put him back in the classroom has already received over 30,000 signatures as of November 14. Considering the history teacher has taught at the school for over 40 years, supporters are shocked he would receive this treatment in the first place. What ever happened to tenure?

Navarro still has zero regrets and would teach the same lesson again. In Navarro’s words, “To stand quiet in the face of bigotry and to turn your eyes away from it is to back up the bigotry, and that’s not what I, or any history teacher, should be doing in our work.”

We need more history teachers like Mr. Navarro and hope he can return to his classroom again.



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