A result of investigation by Africans Press found that Dinka led gov’t’s celebration is absurd, shameless and ridiculous. Dr. Riek Machar’s returns to South Africa has nothing to do with Juba celebration

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Nov. 23, 2016, Dr. Riek Machar did not intend to go to Sudan nor stay in Ethiopia, however, here is what happened exactly. But first, in a wake of public celebration by Dinka led government in South Sudan for the opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar’s return to South Africa, what they did not want to tell you is that the causes of the returns has nothing to do with them. Africans Press has learned that Dr. Riek Machar has no intention to go to Sudan nor wants to stay in Ethiopia.

What happened was that Dr. Riek wanted to past by Khartoum, and the elements of CIA make conspiracy in Khartoum airport confusing the airport authorities in Khartoum for the intention of Dr. Riek Machar’s stop-over in Khartoum. Dr. Riek Machar was enroute to another Country but has to stop in Khartoum for layover with the knowledge of his inner circles. however, the CIA, the U.S government were making conspiracy against Dr. Riek especially when they learned that he was enroute to Khartoum.

As a result, the noise and public outcry by Dinka lead government was absolutely absurd, baseless and a ridiculous.

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