SPLM-IO Military spokesman assured their supporters that SPLM-IO is the only way for peace in South Sudan


Nov. 24, 2016 Good morning every body, compatriots, entire supporters of the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO). I would like to inform you about the current status of the movement. SPLA-IO, is at the upper hand in South Sudan, there would be no single piece of item pertaining the peace process in the country unless we agree to that.

Some people have got confused really on Dr. Machar return to South Africa. He when there for an official mission, just for medical check. He is now on the verge of coming back to south Sudan. No body could force him to live in exile while he neither ask for political asylum to South Africa, nor committed war crimes and crimes against humanities.

Believe me, No peace without “Dr. Machar” in South Sudan!!

Viva Dr. Machar!!
vIva Freedom fighter!!

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