Onyoti Adigo criticizes allocation of huge budget for war efforts

JUBA (25 Nov.)

The leader of South Sudan’s opposition Democratic Change Party Onyoti Adigo Nyikuac has criticized the fiscal year budget for allocating over 50% of the country’s revenues for military operations.

The fiscal year 2016/2017 draft budget is estimated to be 38 billion pounds, but 11.045 billion of it will go for the security sector.

Onyoti, who is also a parliamentarian representing Manyo County in the national parliament, said that the provision of services for citizens was not considered in this year’s fiscal budget.

He further said the ministry of finance allocated most of the budget to the security sector. The opposition leader emphasized the need for peace to stop funding war efforts.

“All the people are saying that the war should stop, “he said. “If there is war, the entire budget no matter how much money we have, it will go to the war. The common citizens will not get anything, what is important is to stop the war and work for a comprehensive peace,” he added.

The politician urged the government to review oil transit fees through Sudanese territories due to the current economic situation in South Sudan.

Members of South Sudan’s national parliament recently called for accountability for officials who manage the country’s public funds.

File photo: Onyoti Adigo

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