Breaking News: SPLM-IO has withdraw from PEACE Talk indefinitely, acusing the JMEC Chairman Magae Festus as “ineffective peace maker”

JMEC chairperson Festus Mogae, speaks in South Sudan’s capital
The JMEC office will be officially be launched in the capital on November 18, 2015, and this will mark the beginning of the actual implementation of the peace process. Mogae, former President of Botswana, met with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir on November 6, 2015. He is on a regional tour to visit and meet heads of State from Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) countries, ahead of his installation in Juba. JMEC has been tasked to monitor and oversee the implementation of South Sudan’s Compromised Peace Agreement, including the mandate and tasks of the Transitional Government of National Unity, including the adherence of the Parties to the Agreed timelines and implementation schedule.

Nov. 26, 2016,

Press releases

by  Brig. General Daniel Gatbel Kuach.

Former Head of SPLA –IO –CTSAMM, IGAD.
While conflict, climate change and chaotic migration in the republic of south Sudan the said negotiated settlement in Capital Addis Ababa Ethiopia is miserably dead and I do not know why the world leaders are still talking about. His Excellency former Botswana former President, Magae Festus JMEC Chairman has been repeatedly claiming that, August peace is still surviving and moving in the right direction . Is he trying to mislead the whole world or is trying to keep the life time of his job in the war tone south Sudan?
Sadly to remind the world of peace makers and not the world of interest that august consensus peace agreement was a tool to eliminate the SPLA/M IO leadership but almighty Father did not agree with the plan made by the world vultures and that is the truth. All the assassination plans and strategies failed. The entire nation is on fire in daily basis, with all kind of atrocities to mention a few. Peoples are being kill, rape, cripple, properties are destroyed by kiir men’s and this what President Salva Kiir And Magae is doing in south Sudan.
SPLA- IO leadership was forced to go to Juba in the name of peace by the world super powers and some African leaders who are not immune from the above atrocities in their own countries.

I think if the Chairman of JMEC is serious about peace he would not accept working with the conspirator Taban Deng Gai in the said Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) any name gives its meaning.
Magae, never mention neither condemn Juba assassination attempt because they are part and parcel of the plan. Equally the same to what has happen to James Gatdeet Dak SPLA/M IO press’s secretary and non-condemn this and Kenya purport to be the reperture of the IGAD.

The “Unique” circumstances continued to erode the universal nature of human rights, a trend that often led to greater, injustice, violence and death. The world was witnessing an escalation of human rights violations, with huge numbers of people fleeing conflict and crossing borders. But some of the world leaders failing to commit and protect human rights abuse victims in South Sudan using related instruments for political aims, and business intervening in the country. Also sad to mention I GAD machinery has divided the nation in to Tribal line and was being used as a political tool to eliminate the unwanted political opponent even if he is a peace maker..
The turning from the Regional political context in which it was operating to the specific situations that IGAD special procedures sought to address, the South Sudan ’problem. JMEC and August peace Observers turned blind eyes and deaf ears to South Sudanese “ Kiir war victims” across the country. Excessive and indiscriminate attacks against civilians, humanitarian and health care personnel and infrastructure that kill by the regime was not reported and address correctly to the body concern by JMEC. SPLA/M -IO condemned mass killings and other atrocities by Kiir Genocidal regime and JMEC of Magae Festus Botswana.
SPLA/M IO Cautioned the world leaders that “Tribe” becomes a source of discrimination it is now been used by Kiir Genocidal regime to abused the define national identity and unity”. I am asking African leaders to quits double standards on human rights issues, and interference in State affairs under their pretext. Dialogue should be conducted on the basis of equality and mutual learning pursued in an open, inclusive manner.

JMEC and Kiir regime had the primary responsibility to protect civilians, instead of launching excessive and disproportionate attacks against civilians, as well as humanitarian and healthcare personnel and infrastructure. The perpetrators of such war crimes must be brought to justice. In the Republic of South Sudan this Government deprived its people of political, economic, social and cultural rights, while refusing to engage with the international community. I urged JMEC to implement recommendations by Addis Ababa Consensus Agreement.
Currently JMEC , is helping the Genocidal regime in organizing and canton the so call SPLA/M/-IO in Juba( Crown Hotel) to go and fight the SPLA- IO around Juba.

We noted this with regret that, JMEC Chairman, Mr. Magae Festus is putting more energy lobbing the region and the entire world to isolate the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLA/M –IO Dr. Riek Machar from the peaceful resolution of the conflict in South Sudan. Instead of JMEC Chairman to Lobby for Dr. Machar to lead the peaceful process because he has obeyed all IGAD and August peace observers Demand to implement all recommendations and a direct partner in the process.
JMEC Chairman, have missed the point and mislead himself and the international community that by “Isolating Dr. Machar from the peace process is the solutions but not . Dr.Machar is a peace maker and is also commanding the largest political and military forces in the country.

Finally, I.O peace institutions has pulled out from the time that SPLA/M IO members realize that the peace is collapsed.

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