White Army of Nuer Civil Defense stand with Oromia people

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Nov. 26, 2016, the White Army of Nuer Civil Defense |Force is standing with the Oromia people. We stand with you. We understand your pain, we have been on your shoes in the last three years, we are with you.

The Oromo people are resisting by peaceful means. But the government is taking action with the military. As the protests continue they are bringing special military from the border into the region, who do not speak the language of our people. Because the government says we are terrorists, they kill us. But the more they kill our people, the angrier we get. The demonstrations are getting bigger. Now the region is full of the military.

We know how international community can turn a blind eyes on people like you, we ave been in that road before, we are calling on you to be resilience, be yourself, Nuer people of South Sudan are with you.

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