Even Republicans Are Calling For Vote Recount After Trump Makes This Horrifying Statement!


Trump’s latest freakout has made it so that even skeptics are calling for a recount…normal leaders don’t go on all-night Twitter rants over nothing at all. In a fit of rage, Trump went on a rant about a possible recount that stretched the entire night. By morning, he had sent a total of 9 tweets, all of which were an assault on the very possibility that the election results might be scrutinized.

Why is Trump so worried about a fresh look? That question has even some recount skeptics saying, “If it’s freaking him out so badly, maybe we should do it.” After all, what the hell is he trying to hide at this point? There is plenty of hypocrisy at play as well, since he called for protesting Obama’s second election and he said he might not concede if Hillary had won.

But while election experts warn people that the chances of a “recount” or even an “audit” of the election may not produce enough evidence to overturn Trump’s victory, the fact remains that Trump appears to be absolutely terrified of an investigation. Every statement he makes suggests he believes there are a lot of skeletons in his closet that may come out if people poke around. Trump’s panic is making everyone rethink their skepticism.


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