Breaking News: Uganda Army are coming back to South Sudan. Gen. Katumba: We are Returning to S. Sudan,

Gen. Katumba Wamala (Courtesy photo)

KAMPALA, Uganda: The Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) troops are set to return to South Sudan in a bid to address the issues of ‘lose guns’ and/or the proliferation of illegal weapons in Uganda, The Investigator has learnt.

After the murder of Maj. Suleiman Kiggundu on Saturday by yet unknown assailants, we reported how the President was ‘furious’ and had ordered the security chiefs to identify and arrest the culprits as well as unearthing the origin of the rampant ‘lose guns.’ The security agencies indeed went to work.

The Chief of the Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has revealed that the ‘lose guns’ may be coming from civil war stricken South Sudan. Gen. He noted that reports are rife that the guns being used against Ugandans are coming from nowhere but South Sudan.

“The situation in South Sudan is so worrying and we can’t seat back and watch. We have all the belief that these lose guns are from South Sudan,” said Katumba adding; “As a state we have all the capacity to avert this [proliferation of guns] and we shall definitely have no option but to return to South Sudan and address this issue.”

Katumba noted that the government spent hugely to address the illegal guns in Karamoja which had turned a menace. “It took us time and resources to recover over 40,000 guns from Karamoja. We shall not allow the same to happen again. These lose guns are from South Sudan. We shall get there and stop them,” he said.

The General observed that intelligence reports had discovered that due to porous borders and lose state controls, guns were selling for as low as UGX150,000.

“We have reports that Ugandans cross to South Sudan and buy guns at a cost not even reaching USD100 and cross back with ease to cause mayhem. It is also very hard to detect the huge influx of refugees entering from South Sudan with weapons. The only solution is to go back and address the problem from the source.”


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