Black Blood for Black Gold in South Sudan

Dec. 1, 2016

Alert!!! – South Sudan in Turmoil as the Killing Fields of South Sudan

Dateline: Minneapolis, MN USA

by Les LaMotte

My sister Cheri shared this song with me this morning just after I got off the phone praying with with the former Brigadier General Biel Rambang ( to begin to share of the new plight of the South Sudanese. Within a few days a Texas oil company (ABN Group, Leonard Durst – Field Opt Africa) will be signing an agreement with the present government of Salva Kier their standing President / Dictator. This will allow them to go into South Sudan to set up Oil, pipelines, major power stations in the area of Bentiu and begin removing and killing the people so they cannot resist this building and development activity. They will confiscate their property children animals or people in devastate you complete area.

This message that I’m giving to you right now is the only message that will be told to anyone. My question is will you stand by knowing this information I am releasing to you and allow 300k to 1 mil of our Nuer Christian brothers and sisters and other tribal groups to literally be removed while the UN and the globalists including Russia and China back this out rages act of terrorism.

I am serious, absolutely serious that this will happen in the next few days and weeks according to her on the ground in formants while the confusion and the light of the world is being shined on the presidential debacle and well Obama still in power and will block all actions against. This is something that cannot wait that will be death of these people very quickly without the world putting the message out the faces of those will be embarrassed to allow this to happen. It is you my friends Christian and non-Christian and people were just concerned about people who are without a voice this is the only voice they have right now in order to awake in the world does is coming tragedy. I will be trying to find every effort to get this information to Alex Jones as they are probably the only media source who would cover this coming tragedy right now so the hand of God stop this insanity is to him that we will give all glory and honor for protecting his people despite entire world to be against these people for merely having black gold in their backyard. God is calling you right now will you sit back and do nothing and allow them to die will you pray for the safety and their strength to resist this enormous focus of world power and globalist Control one more peoples. Oh you dig into it find out all the information you can put it before those who account to work on behalf of these now a stranged peoples of South Sudan. It is my prayer that you use your special and unique voice to make a difference right now.

Listen to this song and tell me if it doesn’t move you to help others check your breathing and your heartbeat because you’re dead. May Christ in your heart empower you to take action even at this moment to do whatever you can to uncover this tragedy which is about to unfold. Yes it is simple people like myself 16 years ago this into a very tall black fellow Stephen Chambang, you simply said “my people need you”. As I was called at that time I got to go and do what I could do and through his grace and mercy and those who financially helped we actually did save 250,000 lives in South Sudan with the boat of hope. Now it’s your turn I’m not a tall black man from South Sudan Oil I’m a short old man from the United States I ask you can you continue to see these verbal attacks against innocent people who have no voice.

Please don’t turn your head today or do another thing until you spread it to one at least one other person. And even greater to bring it up to your people in your church your organizations your company and realize that we are the hands and feet and ears and mouth of Jesus. Go until the good news and even the bad news will finally reach people who have no voice. Father Touch the heart of your people to speak boldly on the behalf of those who cannot speak and to love largely those they have never met. So that your name will be made famous among all the earth to give you praise Jesus name. Amen.

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