Breaking News: Mass defection hit hard the government in Mayom County of unity state


December 2, 2016,  according to SPLM-IO deputy spokesman, a huge force of more than 300 SPLA soldiers comprised of Commissioned officers( Cos )and non commissioned(N Cos) defected from Mayom county of unity state to SPLA-IO and The defectors are now being received warmly by their comrades in arm at SPLA/IO military base in Panakuach.

The Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army in opposition would like to extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to Captain Gai Kong who is tasked to make it happens and managed to get this task force out immediately.His effective work, good command and direction to lead this task force out up to the final destination is a great achievement for the entire movement of SPLA/IO.

The Sudan people liberation army,SPLA/IO would like to inform the general public that the Defected soldiers who switch their allegiance to the opposition forces arrived safely without any military confrontation and currently are placed under command of General Simon Maguek Gai Majaak .

Office of spokesperson.
Directorate of information,SPLA/IO


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