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December 2, 2016, The so called Jiëëŋ councils of evils (elders) have admitted their failure by telling people they are for protecting political seat not economic prosperity of nation. Their embroilment in governmental issues has let to wrong landings of country’s economy at murky destinations under the watch of Kiir who is also member of JCE.

As shadow of their departure draw closer, Mr Aldo Ajou the big dog had recently began to shambles on matters concerning Bor.
At his age i believe in white this quote “Rasa tabula” always comes from Bahr el ghazal. He had failed to reconcile Apuk vs Aguok, Luac vs kongor and fragile situation in Rumbek.
Why don’t Aldo Ajou Deng with his evils councils remove the big log from their eyes in Bahr ghazal instead of south Sudan at large?

If Jiëëŋ councils of evils are not responsible for these mess then who else is
Gearing up these mess ? brutal killing of civilians is an indictor that shows JCE are for destruction not construction.
They have misunderstood “take town to people” and interpreted as “take turmoil to people”.
Ajou needs to quit politics and contest for sultanate post in his home village.
He have No root in politics at all. There is nothing apart from “mith mith” in their doctrine. whatever JCE-BAHR GHAZAL led regime value is Looting and eating.

WHY did he (GOD ) cursed Dinka with with JCE Bahr ghazal?
These curse is too dangerous than “cong makur of Northern Bahr el ghazal and ten time worse than 1991Bor massacres.
It have results to nonstop suffering of Jiëëŋ simply because the so called evils councils of elders are Jiëëŋ too.

Rebels and provoked minorities should stop random killings on major high ways. JCE is 100%pure evils organization of bahr el ghazal.
I am urging my fellow upper Nile and equatorians to stop killing themselves and embark on eliminating these crooks ass evils out of juba.
They have went away with the pride of our lovely nation.

JCE government of “moch rotdu” will rot in juba soon if they refuse to give up.
Leaders are still yet born in Kayuat region.
Those shadows are hand to mouth creatures.
The roof of regime top had been dismantled (upper Nile)

These group called JCE are nothing rather a curse to Dinka community and south Sudan at large.

@The author is a patriotic citizen who is currently residing in
IDP camp.

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