The Minister of Finance and Public Service in Yie River County resigned.


Moses Simon Soro
I am resigning as the State Minister of Finance and Public Service – Yei River State to protest against the bad leadership in the State that has caused our people a great deal of suffering.

My main interest of joining your Government was to work as a team with other colleagues to provide services to our people, like what Idid when Iwas the Commissioner of Morobo County, occupying a job for the sake of a title while offering nothing to our people to elevate their suffering is nothing to me. Ifeel guilty doing that to be honest. What services are we providing them currently? Where are the people we claim we are serving or working for? When majority of them are either Internally Displaced or in exile; these started happening immediately when you were appointed Governor and worsened after the July incident in Juba. We are spending currently a lot of our people’s money on security without accountability but are the people secure?

Appointments of Civil Servants Especially Director Generals in the seven ministries was done without proper consultations and not procedural. How can you recruit a junior officer to become Director General like what happened in the Ministry of Local Government and others? A junior officer appointed by decree as the Director General and his previous boss should now work under him unbelievable but this has happened in Yei. I taught Local Government Officials are ‘Para-Military’? Even all other Civil Service posts they follow a hierarchy and planned promotions according to our public service regulations? Were they employed because of nepotism? Is this why you ignored the correct procedures? I do not want to be part of this mess as you have continuously refused to heed to our advice.

Our Governor David Lokonga Moses is too obsessed on ending the current insurgencies around Yei River State militarily and has completely ignored the option of dialogue to peacefully resolve the worsening security situation in the State. Majority of our people are either Internally Displaced or have crossed to Uganda to seek safety as refugees from their own Government, who are you leading now? Why did you let this happen? Why didn’t you intervene when people started complaining of the numerous harassments, killings, arbitrary arrests of their children, torture and some were killed? Kaya, Morobo, Lainya, Kupera, Mukaya, Lujulo, Mugo, Ombaci, Tore, Yei and some Counties in greater Kaji Keji like Liwolo are disserted now because of your in-action and not listening to people’s advice. I am not happy that you as the head of security in the State have done nothing to stop our people from these pains.
People are dying daily of hunger, gun shots, women being raped, property looted and brought to Yei town in front of the Governor, who does nothing to stop such barbaric actions and protect the vulnerable people of Yei River State that you purport to lead.

The Governor’s style of leadership is primitive, dictatorial, lacks transparency, accountability and is corrupted with his close allies. I do not want to be part of such a rotten system of governance because all our efforts to make the system work are either ignored, not acted upon by the Governor or you are just decreed to act on something that is not right. SPLM is a great party but some cadres like the Governor of Yei River State have started to tarnish its repetition. Honestly if nothing is done by the party to correct the mess created by Lokonga’s leadership in Yei then the next election will be a disaster for the party.

Iam urging all South Sudanese to work for peace and end this senseless war, we need to develop our Country, offer services to our people by building decent schools, hospitals, improve our infrastructure by constructing roads, railways and design effective governance systems and programs instead of killing each other. What do we gain from killing each other my people?
Moses Simon Soro


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