The world’s newest nation led by Dinka is on the brink of a new civil war.

By: Robin Dixon (Los Angeles Times)

Margaret Nyamuka, 18, fled the town of Mayendit when soldiers attacked her village, going from house to house, shooting civilians. She climbed a coconut palm to hide as up to 25 soldiers raped her 26-year-old neighbor and another woman.

“Those soldiers were lining up to rape her and she was bleeding a lot. She was crying. They said, ‘If you refuse, we’ll kill you.’ They were laughing. They forced the children aged about 10 to watch, especially the girls, and the children were crying too.

“There were eight boys castrated. I saw the bodies afterwards on the main road. They were tied together. None of them survived. Their mothers came to bury them.”

Nyamuka said she saw soldiers drag 11 people into a house and set it alight, a tactic reported by numerous survivors in different areas.

“They were old people and babies. Those people were crying until the roof fell in,” Nyamuka said. “After the roof fell in, there was no more sound.”

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