Breaking News: SPLA Spokesman Lul Ruai Koang killed Majok Lual

lulDecember 3, 2016, a credible source tells Africans Press that the recent death of Majok Lual. Lul Ruai Kong was pressured by his master Paul Malong Awan to order Majiok Lual to testify in Court as an eye witness and only survival too Lul Ruach Kong’s bodyguards who was killed by SPLA in the government that SPLM-IO was responsible for the death of Lul’s guards.

It was the case that before court Majiok was told by Lul Ruai and Paul Malong to tell court that the soldiers attacked them was Nuer of Riek Machar. However, Majiok Lual  refused to narrated such a propaganda over the death of his colleagues and brothers. He then says the truth before court and later was accused over different things by Lul Ruai which sentenced to spend 14 years in prison.  Majiok Lual was just kill in a cool blood.

Lul Ruach Kong rather service his master’s interest by killings Majiok lual


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