Lou Nuer Condemnation to Hussein Mar for luring street Children in Nairobi in the name of Lou Nuer Community

IMG_1081.JPGLou Nuer Community Association In Victoria Inc.

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date 3 December 2016

Ref: Condemnation Statement

Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria strongly condemned the leadership of Nyoat Jock Kier the chairman of Lou Nuer Community in Nairobi for organising political rallies under the disguise pretext of ” In oneness we believes. Lou Nuer Prayer Day for KCPE & KCSE 2016″

To stress the point clearly, and at the heart of the problem Mr Nyoat Jock, designing posters, inviting Hussien Mar and other Lou Nuer politicians who have betrayed our community to speaks and address KCPE and KCSE graduates and the whole community who are the victims of December 15 as the guest of honour is a mockery to our current struggle and a clear insult to the massacred innocent souls that one must not dare attempt.

If the event was meant for Lou Nuer unity, why there is no posters of Beih State Governor Hon: Koang Gatkouth Kerjiok? Why there is no posters for SPLM IO Chief of General Staff 1st Lt Simon Gatwech Dual. This indicate that the event was organise for Taban Deng Gai faction to divide Lou Nuer People. But however, anyone who want to divide Lou Nuer people shall be isolated and one must be reminded that, innocent Lou Nuer sons and daughters were massacred in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentue etc and the horrific situation our people are currently enduring in UNMISS Camps and back home in Lou Nuer land perishing from diseases, hunger and yet these politicians are happy to see our innocent people being killed is not acceptable.

Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria distance itself from that Nairobi prayer and condem it in the strongest term possible. These politicians who doesn’t have the interest of our community at heart must be isolated and shouldn’t be given any political platform in any of the Lou Nuer Community activities or functions. For they deserve no recognition.

Hence, It has to be made abundantly clear that, no one is against Lou Nuer unity as such. But in actual fact, those who are against Lou Nuer unity are these positions and wealth seeking individuals who are employing divisive political tactics to achieve their individualistic goals while at the same time divide the very community who have empowered them in the first place.

Lou Nuer unity must rest firmly on common interests, arrived at through agreed dialogue by Lou Nuer people and leaders back home and across the whole diaspora not by some individuals who are seeking positions at the expense of the ongoing suffering of our people.
By welcoming any Lou Nuer politicians who have betrayed our community at this critical juncture, constitutes an act of betrayal and that is not acceptable. Hence, we strongly condemn these opportunistic political approaches.

Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria would like to categorically make it clear that Musa Abraham Gatluak, the former Chairman of Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria was not officially delegated to represent Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria in that prayer nor was there any official invitation from the leadership of Lou Nuer Community in Nairobi. For if there was written invitation, then the community was not made aware of it. Therefore, Musa Abraham went to Africa on personal visit and was not delegated by the Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria.

In conclusion, rest assured that Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria does not recognise Taban Deng Gai, Hussien Mar, and all the other politicians who have betrayed our struggle. But, reaffirms our people unwavering commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with December 15th victims and the victims of this ongoing conflict back home as well as to fight for our collective freedom, justice, and accountability and for a meaningful reforms to be realise

Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria salute all freedom fighters, the brave sons and duaghters of Greater Lou Nuer who have sacrifice their dear lives for our freedom and to those who did not change their position since December 15. Your noble commitment to the struggle is a clear testimony to our curren realities and we are proud of that.

Mayian Tot Weay
Chairman Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria Inc.

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