Gatdet Dak’s family demands his release after one month in NSS custody in Juba

NAIROBI (7 Dec.)

The family of James Gatdet Dak, the jailed official spokesman for the main South Sudanese  former vice president Riek Machar, is demanding their son be released as he spends more than a month in detention in the capital Juba.

In early November, Machar’s spokesman Gatdet Dak was deported by Kenyan officials over issues related to a Facebook post in which he expressed support for the removal of Lt. Gen. Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki, the Kenyan top officer in the UN mission in South Sudan.

His wife Mary Nyahok told Radio Tamazuj yesterday that she lost contact with her husband after being deported to Juba. She further said relatives informed her that Gatdet is in detention of the South Sudan government’s spy agency known as National Security Services (NSS).

“I hear that my husband is being detained in Juba by the national security service, I did not talk to him since he was arrested. They stopped me from talking to him, I don’t know whether his is okay or not,” said Nyahok.

Nyahok called upon the relevant authorities in South Sudan to release her husband so he can return to his family in Nairobi, saying their living condition worsened following the deportation of her husband to Juba.

File photo: James Gatdet Dak with Riek Mach

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