Every Nuer person needs to read this statement: NUER BETRAYED NUER AND COLLUDED WITH KIIR

December 11, 2016


Taban, Ezekiel Luol, Hussein Mar and other leading Nuer politicians, including some of the so-called Nuer elders like Timothy Tut, betrayed Machar and the Nuer people, Gen. Gatkuoth Gatkuoth was bought by Kiir using Tut Kaeur. Gen Puljang fought the SPLAiO in böoddy battles in Unity state. Johnson Biliu fought the iO in Upper Nile. These guys are all Nuer. They are also reponsible for the mess, like Paul Malong´s Mathiang Anyor. There is no united Nuer front fighting a united Dinka front as we saw in the case of the former Chief od staff during the crises of 2013, Gatkuth Mai. We are now wittnessing Gen.Agany Akol of Aweil fighting Paul Malongs army vigorously in the last weeks.The issue is therefore not as easy as you are trying putting there.


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