SPLM-IO commemorate the December 15, 2013 in Congo, a message from Bieh State Gov. Koang Gatkuoth

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BiehDecember 17, 2016,

Hello and good morning to you all  brothers, sisters and friends around South Sudan, the greater Lou Nuer and the World Citizens at large

Today, December 15, 2016, we are commemorating in Congo to remember our martyrs who were murdered in cold blood and those who sacrifice their life for the sake of their own people and refusing the genocide that happened to our people in Juba in December 15, 16,17,and 18( 2013).
Please comrade, let never forgotten that year and let us always remembered our martyrs and let us stand with their families. Therefore, i would like to congratulate the tiger division and all divisions of the freedom fighter who take arms Gainst Juba regime for change and freedom.Kirr Must Go no matter what it take,

Comrade let me asks Nuer, and the so call Elder who joined Dinka (kiir) who killed their families by ( mathang Anyor ). Why, what would you get if you left your people and what name can I call you ( elder nuer Dinka or what ….? ) I am really feel sorry to give you any name or maybe you can name yourself…!!!!.

To Taban El Taban, although you try to killed our chairman, Dr. Riak Machar, he prevailed.  Even though you had succeeded in making a coup to your chairman and your movement and Allied with the enemy to killed your brothers and sisters, you will failed joining the Dinka government will never make you win anything. We still standing tall in the IO movement.

Taban, it is unrealistic to leave behind your martyrs who sacrifices their life because of you. However, we will never forgot what you and Salva kiir  did and No forgiveness.

Again comrade, let us not forgotten the genocide of (2013) and not forgotten and No forgiving to Salva kiir and Taban El taban .

Viva SPLA/palm Io.
Viva Dr. MACHAR Chairman and commander in chief SPLA io.
Viva freedom fighter’s over south Sudan.
Viva fighters freedom in Congo.

Bieh State Gov. Koang Gatkuoth

In Democratic Republic of Congo

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