Breaking News: Two Dinkas Ministers fight against each other at Salva Kiir office over Christmas allowance

salvakirrBy: Kim Aine
Dec 25,2016
The South Sudan presidential palace commonly known as J1 was recently turned into a battle ground with senior officials exchanging blows.

The fight occurred between the Acting Chief Administrator Amb Bol Wek Agoth and Thiik Thiik Machar, a nephew to the president who is accused of using his uncle’s name for favors from senior government officials.

According to an eyewitness account, the two went into a serious argument over some outstanding payments.

Thiik reportedly accused the Acting Chief Administrator of sleeping over his job and running the office of the president into bankruptcy, angering Thiik.

He further accused Thiik of having vacated his office at the general administration block of the office of the president and always hanging around the president for unnecessary attention, neglecting his responsibilities.

In the ensuing confusion, the Acting Chief Administrator shot back that “you are the very people demanding to be paid unbudgeted payments and you will turn around later to accuse people of corruption like what you and your uncle have done to Mayen Wol, the former chief Administrator and Yel Luol, the former executive Director who are serving life imprisonment because of your too many demands with your uncle’s family.”

The duo started fighting, shocking the president’s staff.

The two were restrained by other colleagues and Thiik was asked to leave the office compound.

A senior aide to the president talking on condition of anonymity expressed his outrage about the incident but concurred with Thiik that the office is not functioning.

He said staff morale is very low and no one seems to know what they are doing.

The source also suggested that the Acting Chief Administrator is yet to be confirmed in his position hence doing things with the “I don’t care” attitude.

The senior aide added that anger is still raging and two camps have emerged, one group standing with Amb. Bol – the Acting Chief Administrator and another siding with Thiik Machar.

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