Breaking News: 5 people killed, seven wounded by a combined forces of Lol Gatkuoth and Anyak Youths who attacked a bus carying civilians from Gambella to Matar Gaguang

busDecember 29, 2016, authority in Nyinanyang Werada, Gambella region confirmed to Africans Press that a well organized forces led by Ruey Gatkuoth, a brother to Lol Gakuoth attacked a Bus carying a civilians from Gambella to Matar yesterday morning killings 5 people and wounded 7 others including women and children.

The the attack betweenn Gambella and Eleey was planned by join groups including Deng Puot, Ruey Gatkuoth, Ler jock and 2nd group was identified as a Olero Opiew, group most of suspect from Olero, have been arrested.


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