Breaking News: Salva Kirr says let Nuer kill their Nuer, a respond to SPLM-IO demand to release James Gatdet Dak before they can release Gov’t plane and officials detained in Panyijar County


December 29, 2016, Salva Kirr says, “Let Nuer kill their own Nuer, what is new”, he says. In Juba Salva is reportedly refusing to corporate with his VP Taban Deng Gai who send his commissioner to Panyijar County. a source with in Juba regime refused to comment on SPLM-IO demand saying that “we do not care about the commissioner and his colleagues” who were captured by SPLM-IO. the same source was quoting Salva Kirr saying, “let Nuer kills their own people”

These responses come after it is confirmed that the Juba Plane that carried Panyijar County commissioner along with others


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