Foreign affairs ministry locks out undersecretary after suspension

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The undersecretary at the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in South Sudan has been locked out of office after he was suspended from his service, sparking tension and uncertainty of the legal basis of the decision suspending the official.

The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Deng Alor Kuol last week wrote a letter suspending the Undersecretary Joseph Ayok Anei from his office.  He accused the official of misconduct and being disrespectful to himself and his office, a reference to staff in his office.

Minister Deng Alor later formed a committee headed by the secretary general of the government Abdun Agau to investigate the conduct of the undersecretary, saying he would supply evidence of misconduct and disrespect to him at opportune time during the course of investigation.

Ayok denies any wrong doing and contested the decision of the minister, saying it insubordinates the president whom said he is the only person with   right under the constitution to appoint and relieve ministers and undersecretaries from their positions or assignments.

The official said Thursday that old locks in his earlier possession of his office have been replaced with the new ones with the view to block him access to the office and service.