People of Bhar El Ghazal do not like Bishop Daniel Deng Bul around Salva Kirr: Then, he requested a personal security from Kuol Manyang, Who is save in South Sudan?

Daniel.jpgDecember 30, 2016, a source within Salva Kirr’s office disclosed to African Press that there is a tension between those who hailed from Bhar El Ghazal and those from Bor of Jonglei after Bishop Daniel Deng decided that he would have his own personal security. The cause of the problem is caused by a concerns from Bishop Daniel Deng who says he was intimidated by Salva Kir’s private security. he put forward a formal complained to the Salva Kirr’s office.

Then, Salva kirr ordered his head of private security to investigate, however, that investigation has never moralize that sparks a fear that promote Bishop Daniel Deng to ask a private security for his own personal protection

Bishop Daniel Deng  was appointed in 2012 by Salva Kirr as the Chairperson of the Presidential Committee for Peace, Reconciliation and Tolerance to spearhead communities peace process in Jonglei State in South Sudan. Later, he was appointed again in 2013 by a presidential decree to head the National Committee for Peace, Reconciliation and Healing.

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