SPLM-IO’s spokesman ordered all Field Cammanders to cut communicating with Diaspora or “Do so at Your Own Risk”

December 30, 2016, the office of the director of information & military Spokesperson for Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) would like to inform all military information officers at various divisions and entire patriotic participants who always engage informing the general public with breaking military news, as from today must stop such practices and must be abide with military rules and regulations being set at the GHQs of the SPLA-IO and whoever found will be at his/her own risk.

No one shall post any information regarding military issuesdirect to the general public without being green-lighted from the office of the director of information & military Spokesperson for (SPLA-IO).

All military information officers/correspondents from various divisions of the (SPLA-IO) must immediately direct their reports to the director of military information & Spokesperson for the (SPLA-IO) through their division commanders for final scrutiny and publications.

All patriotic participants on the social media must also do the same as being stipulated accordingly on the above orders and they must only take copies from the press releases at the high office just to avoid inconvenience reports and accountability.

Anyone found publicizes the fake news against this order, must be responsible to that and must take the risk on his/her own hand immediately without fall. Moreover, all reporters on both military and social media onthe side of the (SPLA-IO) must from today direct their reports to the following addresses for more

clarifications.+8821621293082/williamdeng1976@gmail.com/dicksongatluak2013@gmail.com.Regards,Directorate of Information & Military Spokesperson for SPLA-IOCc. COGS, SPLA-IOCc. DOGS, AdministrationCc. DCOGS, Moral OrientationCc. DCOGS, OperationsCc. DG, General IntelligenceCc. Director, Moral OrientationCc. Division Commanders


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