Breaking News: A former commissioner, Cosmos Bidali of Yei forms new rebel group called National Resistance Front (NRF)

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YEI (4 Jan.) A new armed opposition movement allied to former commissioner of Yei River County calling itself the National Resistance Front/Army declared existence in South Sudan with an agenda to fight against the current government in Juba.

In October last year, Cosmas Bidali Wori-Kojo defected from government together with several government officials in Yei River State.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj today, Cosmos Bidali, who claims to be the commander of the newly formed rebel group pledged to forcefully remove the SPLM-led government from power as instability deepens in the country.

He pointed out that the new rebel group will unify all the people of South Sudan and make change in the country. “The current regime has failed. The people of South Sudan must understand that the current regime has caused the ongoing suffering, they should also understand that they must support a government that can serve them,” said Bidali.

He claimed that they have forces in Western Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Bahr al Ghazal and Upper Nile states.” Now I am living in the bush, we have forces, but I cannot tell you the number of the forces I have now because it is a secret,” he said.

Bidali, who had been loyal to the ruling party SPLM throughout the civil war until his defection, vowed to fight against polices of the SPLM party. He denied reports that he joined the SPLM-IO faction aligned to former First Vice President Riek Machar.

“My forces in Western Equatoria are separate from the forces of Riek Machar, we are separate from them, I didn’t join the SPLM-IO,”he said.

According to the new rebel leader, they are working to set up a new system to find solutions to the current crisis in South Sudan.

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