Bakosoro forms political movement

ATLANTA,GEORGIA (7 Jan.)Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, former governor of Western Equatoria, has formed a new opposition movement, terminating his membership of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement which split into three separate factions after the country descended into a violence conflict in 2013.

In a speech mostly critical of the government of the president Kiir, Bakosoro, has announced formation of new movement , casting doubts  of the sustainability of the national dialogue  President Salva Kiir has declared to reconcile and unite the country.  The name of the new movement was announced at a function in Atlanta – Georgia, United states, where Bakosoro resides at the moment.

His organization named National Movement for Change (NMC) would work together with “like-minded people” to stop bloodshed and bring peace in the country.

The objective include saving the country from fragmentation and total collapse and to embark on promoting unity and nationalism among South Sudanese by upholding rule of law and human rights anchored in a federal system of government, sustain socioeconomic development, work with United nations, its agencies and other stakeholders to find a durable solution to the problem of internally displaced persons and the refugees in the neighbouring countries.

He did not outline how he intends to achieve his objective. It is also not clear from his speech which lasted more than one hour whether he shall take up arms like Lam Akol’s National Democratic Movement to try and force change in South Sudan.

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