The Prophecies of Ngundeng Bong are about to be fulfilled in Egypt


January 10, 2017, Salva Kirr went to Egypt on January seeking both financial and military support. However, while Salva Kirr in Egypt, two things happened. Salva Kirr was greeting there while South Sudan flag turned upside down and thing turned to one of the Ngundeng’s Propecies when Salva Kirr and SISI of Egypt shifted focus to Ethiopian dam and support supporting Ethiopian

Kiir, Al-Sisi & Museveni agreed to open training camps for Sudanese armed opposition at Uganda-South Sudan border with the view to topple Sudanese government for supporting construction of a dam by Ethiopian government on River Nile.

They agreed to provide support to Sudanese and Ethiopian Armed oppositions. This will involve training and providing weapons to SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels both with Military Equipment and full logistics including Finance. Egypt will supply Uganda then South Sudan will be the corridors to supply the equipment to the SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels and Ethiopian Armed opposition.

Government of Egypt has a plan to topple both the government of Sudan and Ethiopia because of the Dam that Egyptians have contested before and rejected it not to be built, but Sudan and Ethiopia decided to go ahead and they have built the Dam which affect Egypt. The second issue is the contested Area in the eastern part of Sudan bordering Egypt (Halayib). Egypt is claiming that the area and Sudan continues to claim the area also. This is what is happening in the region.

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