SPLA says Troika plotting to change government


JUBA (12 Jan.) South Sudan’s army said the ‘Troika’ countries of the US, UK and Norway in collaboration with rebels are trying to achieve regime change through a plan to remove the incumbent SPLA Chief of General Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

“On 3 January, there was a meeting held by members of the UK, Norway and America in Nairobi, and they invited our rebels. Lieutenant General Bapiny Monyuil was one of the rebels who attended the meeting because he was part of us here, he was the SPLA deputy chief of staff for moral orientation here,” said SPLA deputy spokesman Santo Domic.

Speaking during a press conference held at Bilpham today, Santo Domic said that the Troika met with top rebel officers in Nairobi to achieve its plan to change the current government in Juba.

“During the meeting, Monytuil told them many things, one of the things he told them is that, you as a committee, you cannot change this regime without killing Gen. Paul Malong Awan,” he said.

“So, he told them that Malong must be killed whether through poisoning or assassination or by knocking him down by a car or plane crush. So, they said that all these things should be done through members of the CIA and MI6 who are present here, and rebel pockets that are here,” he claimed.

The SPLA deputy spokesman claimed that the Troika also resolved to destabilize the current SPLA leadership in an attempt to remove Paul Malong Awan when its initial plan fails.

Domic also claimed that the same group is also planning to hold another meeting on 20 January in New York to convince the permanent members of the UN Security Council so that four senior government officials including Gen. Paul Malong are taken to court.

“So, what they agreed upon was not about Malong alone. They said they would include Gen. Jok Riak, Salvatore Garang Mabior here in the government and Michael Makuei Lueth, so they said all these people must be arrested and taken to court,” he said.

Domic also accused the international community of trying to destroy South Sudan. He blamed the SPLA-IO faction led by former first vice president and rebel leader Riek Machar for the ongoing civil war across the country.

He disputed claims that the presence of Gen. Paul Malong Awan in the current leadership of the SPLA army would lead to genocide in South Sudan. “The new UN Secretary General expressed in one of his meetings that he still believes that Gen. Paul Malong Awan will carry out a campaign of genocide against the people of Equatoria by using Dinka ethnic group. This is a baseless concept, and it has no evidence,” he said.

File photo: SPLA deputy spokesman speaking during a press conference at Bilpham today/ Radio Tamazuj

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