More leaked: How UN Failed South Sudan


January 18, 2017 From S. Sudan’s Pibor, ICP Publishes UN Report on Gunfire, UNexplained By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive series UNITED NATIONS, December 30 — In the UN’s continued withholding of news and answers about South Sudan, the UN declined to provide any update about Pibor on December 29 when Inner City Press asked, in writing, below, based on leaked internal UN reports it obtained.

The UN, for 29 hours and counting, has said nothing. Now after the UN Spokesperson’s Office has closed without answering any South Sudan (or Burundi or Tamir Rice) questions, Inner City Press is here publishing an internal UN Situation Report, which of Pibor diplomatically says: “On 29 December 2015 at about 06:50 hrs, in Pibor (GPAA) sporadic gunfire was heard at about 600 meters north of the UNMISS Pibor compound. At about 10:43 hrs, about 15-20 armed SPLA soldiers positioned themselves outside the UNMISS Pibor perimeter on the Northern side of the old PoC. No hostile actions have been reported at this time.

INDBATT Protection Force is monitoring and on high alert. All staff members have been accounted for and are inside the UN compound.” (The Sit Rep also recounts the UN Mission’s UNexplained confiscation of “homemade alcohol” including from “an SPLA.”) Also on December 30, Inner City Press obtained and asked the UN Spokesperson about this internal UN report: “On 30 Dec (today), from 10:45hrs to 11:30hrs, an UNMISS team comprising of UN security, MLO, INBATT2, UNPOL and CAD conducted joint patrols in Pibor town and environs. The team observed the following: · 30 meter long trench have been dug by armed personnel from David Yau Yau’s Cobra Faction close to their HQ and former UNMISS water point in Pibor main town. 60mm mortar gun stands are position in the trenches facing Likuangole. (The mortar range is approximately 1.5kms). Ammunition boxes are also placed in the trenches.

· Huge presence of cobra faction militia in Pibor town and posted at every strategic location around Pibor. · Shops are closed with less civilian population in town.” And still, nothing from the UN. This is called more cover-up. Update of 10:34 am: Inner City Press hears from South Sudan — still nothing from UN Headquarters despite two days of questions — that David Yau Yau elements have killed the father of the newly appointed SPLM-IG governor… “On South Sudan, Inner City Press has seen a document in which UNMISS states that ‘the people of Pibor and the Cobra faction (loyal to DYY) also informed DYY that they will never allow Baba Koneyi (the supposed Governor elect with origins from Likuangole and whom they consider as a Bor politician supporting the Dinka and not the Murle) to come to Pibor.

‘ “Please state what UNMISS is doing about this, including but not limited to protection. “Please respond to criticism that UNMISS in Malakal, aware that humanitarians are resistant to working in a military camp, will reportly not provide any medical services? “What is the UN’s / UNMISS’ / DPA’s view of or response to the SPLA-IO position that the 28 state decree must be removed?” Of the five questions Inner City Press submitted to three UN Spokespeople on the morning of December 29, a partial response was received only to this one:

“On Puerto Rico, please confirm (or deny) receip of the Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s letter to Ban Ki-moon and response to the position that the US is reversing a decades-old understanding that Puerto Rico, while a U.S. commonwealth, governs through its own constitution.” Near 4 pm on December 29, the UN spokesman answered: “From: Stephane Dujarric [at] Date: Tues, Dec 29, 2015 at 3:53 PM Subject: Press Qs in lieu of a Dec 29 UN noon briefing: Burundi, South Sudan, Puerto Rico/US, UNHQ, Jordan, still UN scandals / reforms, Yemen; thanks in advance To: Matthew Lee [at] Cc: FUNCA [at] “Matthew–on Puerto Rico, we can


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