Hundreds in Saskatoon show solidarity with Women’s March on Washington

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January 21, 2017, If Saturday’s massive turnout to the Women’s March on Washington proves anything, it’s that Saskatonians aren’t happy with the status quo.

Hundreds gathered at Civic Square to not only challenge President Donald Trump’s agenda, but unify in support of women’s and human rights.

“He’s unleashed this wave of us versus them and people are buying into it, jumping on the bandwagon and using that to legitimize their racism,” protester Marjorie Beaucage said.

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As an indigenous women, Beaucage worries racial tension will flare and hatred will seep further into Canadian society.

“I think Trump and the movements around him are allowing violence, hatred and racism to reappear. It’s creating lines that are making us more at risk than before,” she explained.

An estimated 616 marches took place around the world, 24 of those in Canada.

“I think it shows how much people care. People care and people are going to fight,” said organizer Karen Brander, who only expected a handful of people to show up.


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