Taban Deng Gai destroyed Bentiu and now he is on the mission to destroyed Jikany and Lou Ruer

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Why Taban Deng Gai is targeting the Eastern Jikany and Lou Nuer?


ON JANUARY 25, 2017

Six months ago,Taban embarked on inglorous journey of bribery, due to indispensable facts that he has no constituency, he resorted to this disgraceful mission of using money as a bait.

He has been using the little cash he earned from the project of JCE by bribing Kenyan MPs.These heartless and hungry politicians brought a petition to the governemnt of the Republic of South Sudan.The purpose was to ban Dr Riek Machar from residing in Kenya.Their corrupt security personnel emboldened and maddened by Taban’s bloody money kidnapped and deported James Gatdet, Dr Riek ‘s spindoctor.

He is now languishing and held incommunicado in the terrorist cells in Juba notorious for gross human rights abuses and no charges levelled against him, he is denied justice.

Two days ago,Dong and Aggrey were kidnapped and held in an unknown location on the orders of the same Taban, President Kiir’s puppet FVP, Taban does not deport their Bentiu boys who always draw him like a bitch cleaning Kiir’s shoes and at times in a white robe going to Kalwa ;yet he does not do anything against them.Taban,who graduated from the University of Juba ,by proxy was lying to the public that he is an economist.It is a shame for a businessman to boast that he has what he did not toil for.He is worst than M7 and other predatory dictators and his fate will be like other dictators.Your Kingdom will come to an end.Time will tell.

The Lou and Jikany politicians in the government of Salva,whose people are being targeted by this brutal dictator in the making who was brought up by a woman known for amorous escapades, are keeping quite.They are just after power and Taban’s Crown dollars.Your people are being mistreated and you keep quite because you are sedated by dollars.Please, tell Taban to release Gatdet,Dong and Aggrey.
It would cost him a great deal and even his own life if he doesn’t do that, we will not sit with out hands on our laps while seeing our brothers being killed by a dinka stooge.
The blood of those you betray will not allow you to live long.

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