The Egyptian Antenov is bombarding the SPLA-IO positions at Jonglei Canal, Doleib Hills, Wau Shulluk and Owach

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Press release
By Col. William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO

At around 8:00am yesterday morning February 08, 2017, a combination of Juba regime soldiers and Sudanese rebels relocated from Unity State to Upper Nile State attacked the gallant SPLA-IO position at Owach from the directions of Makal (Malakal).

The aggressive gallant SPLA-IO forces responded by repulsing the Juba regime attacks and pursuing them back to their Lelo and Warjuok bases. In the fighting, the gallant SPLA-IO forces counted more than ninety eight (98) Juba regime soldiers, let alone those seriously wounded and abandoned in the surrounding forest. In the same fighting, more than three hundred and ninety two (292) different types of guns were captured in good condition.

At the time of the press this morning, another attack from the ruthless regime came accidentally in and around, Wunkur Payam Panyikang County. In that attack, (2) Military Land crussers and (1) Tank (barge) captured in good condition and the gallant SPLA-IO forces of sector (1) pursued them toward Jaamjang Payam of Parieng county and it is believed that the Sudanese rebels camp situated at Jaamjang must set to fire early in the morning and I will continue updating on the latest developments.

In addition, at around 5:00am this morning February 09, 2017, the same brutal and ruthless Juba regime shelled and attacked the densely civilian populated Wau Shulluk, and displaced thousands. In an effort to protect the devastated civilian, the gallant SPLA-IO forces intervened, repulsed the merciless Juba regime assault and pushed their insidious Sudanese rebels of the Justice and Equality (JEM) and SPLA-North (SPLM-N) towards the River Nile River where most are believed to have drown. The Juba regime is now escalating the war, while Mr Salva Kiir Mayardit is still trying his level best to continue fooling the region, African Union (AU), United Nations (UN) and the international community into believing that there is no fighting in South Sudan and that the dead agreement is being implemented.

As we speak now, the Egyptian Antenov is bombarding the SPLA-IO positions at Jonglei Canal, Doleib Hills, Wau Shulluk and Owach. the Egyptian Antenov has drooped explosives bombs (4) times from 10:00am, up to now it is still bombarding in the same positions. It is remains unclear what the Egyptian wants, regional war or what?



  1. This Militia spokesman is so desperate if you can see from his so called press release, let me be clear to each and everyone there is no where to hide this time from the looming military showdown SPLA is serious on Boma-Boma clearing opeartion

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