Alfred Lady Gore said Dinka led government steal $20 billions dollars since 2005


JUBA (10 Feb.) Government officials in South Sudan’s Ministry of Land and Housing embezzled $20 billion meant for development projects in the country, a top official said.

Speaking at a public rally organized in the town of Yei town on Tuesday, Alfred Ladu Gore, Minister of Land and Housing, said recent investigations carried out in his ministry found that senior officials misappropriated an amount of $ 20 billion from 2005 until 2017.

He pointed out that the money was squandered on personal benefits instead of meeting the needs of the people of South Sudan. Gore explained that the $ 20 billion was meant for construction of road, schools, universities, hospitals and establishment of factories in South Sudan.

“Since 2005 till now, we have lost over $ 20 billion which could be have been used for construction of roads from Yei to Juba, schools, universities, hospitals, and shoes and clothing factories. Where is this money?” he asked.

The officials stressed that those found culpable should be prosecuted. “This money is with people who were appointed since 2005 and they have used this money for personal houses outside the country. We need a thorough investigation, those found stealing our money should be send to court,” he said.

Gore, who is a senior member of the SPLM-IO faction allied to Taban Deng, called on President Kiir to remove all corrupt government officials appointed since 2005 so that development projects can be implemented in South Sudan.


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