SPLA-led Juba loses two (2) Brig. Generals, one in Nimule and other one in Malakal according to spokesman Lul Ruai and opposition forces

            lul                                                                                 Friday, February 10, 2017

SPLA GHQs Press Release N0.3

Security Updates across the Country.

Fashoda State:

In the two days (8th and 9th February 2017) Agulek Rebels under overall command of Johnson Oliny kept on launching unprovoked attacks on SPLA’s defensive positions on the Western Bank in Fashoda. The rebels have been shelling Malakal , Detang, and Lelo from Wau Shulluk. SPLA had to move in to eliminate the threat.

Details of Losses suffered by Agulek Rebels:

  1. 3 armored Personnel Carriers (APC) were destroyed.
  2. 1 APC and one Toyota Land cruiser pick-up mounted with 12.7 heavy machine gun were captured in good condition
  3. 37 PKM light machine guns captured
  4. 58 AKM-47 assault rifles captured
  5. 7 RPGs captured

Northern Upper Nile State:

SPLA had to capture Kwek after being used as a launching pad by rebels. According to 2012 Cooperation Agreement, Kwek had to be a Buffer Zone with Sudan Armed Forces deployed at Umjellala and SPLA at Gabat.

Yei River State:

Kajokeji town was attacked on 25/1/2017

One SPLA soldier and one policeman were killed and 3rd was wounded.

On 8/2/2017, rebels attacked cattle keepers at Khor Kaya killing 4 children and 1 woman. 87 cows were also shot dead. The pastoralists were moving along the River Nile to get greener pastures and water.

Imotong State:

On 9/2/2017,

Rebels ambushed a private car killing Brig. Gen. Ajith Akuei who was returning to Juba after visiting his family in Nimule.

Jonglei State:

On 5th February 10, 2017, 151 SPLA IO rebels under overall command of Maj. Gen. Makuach Kueth Makuei deputized by Maj. Gen. Reuben Dak Chak.

SPLA’s Response on UNMISS Accusations:

SPLA GHQs reiterates its position that it had not denied UNMISS Patrol Team access to Kajokeji. No mere notification or request was submitted to SPLA GHQs. SPLA challenges UNMISS to produce evidence indicating it was denied access for us to take responsibility and administrative measures against those involved in alleged blockade. SPLA had not set up road blocks along Juba-Yei-Kajokeji road except for official check Points established and manned to enhance security and safety of general road users.

On accusations of rapes, looting of livestock and destruction of property, SPLA would like to take this opportunity to challenge UNMISS to produce concrete evidence in order for the Military Leadership to take punitive measures against alleged culprits. In conclusion, SPLA Military Leadership under the leadership of the Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan reiterates its commitment to fighting impunity, willingness and readiness to keep on working and cooperation with all UN bodies and other monitoring mechanisms.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,

SPLA Spokesperson


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