Breaking News: Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka has resigns as a Dep. Chief of General Staff for logistics and accusing Kirr Government of planing and designing to killed South Sudanese in 2013

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Image result for Lt. Gen. Thomas CirilloFebruary 10, 2017 South Sudan Army’s deputy Chief for Logistics Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka resigned from the SPLA citing that  “I am convinced that the violence which erupted in 2013 and spread across South Sudan was planned and orchestrared by designed”  he siad

He also said that salva Kirr is using tribalism as a tolled to devestated South Sudan and therefore, “this tribal engneered war resulted in thousands of deaths of innocents civilians, women and children who are now living in a miserable conditions either IDP, virtually prinsoners or as refugees” he said

Finally, Lt. Thomas Cirillo tell Salva Kirr that “you disgrace yourself as a president and Dinka as people who are now hated by all South Sudanese”

It is not clear whether Lt. General Thomas Swaka will joint any of the opposition army

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