South Sudan President accused of not being committed to ending violence in the country

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Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, has condemned South Sudanese President Salva Kiir for lacking commitment to end violence in the war-torn country, according to a report by the Daily Nation.

“President Salva Kiir has made a commitment to end the violence and bring about peace, yet we still see ongoing clashes, and the risk that mass atrocities will be committed remains ever-present,” Mr Dieng said.

According to the UN adviser, the peace process is facing hostilities, which is undermining the likelihood for the national dialogue proposed by the government to be seen as credible.

The UN has released the numbers of Sudanese seeking refuge in Uganda to about 24,000 people in the period between January 25 and 31, of which 4,500 were received on January 28. More than 52,000 South Sudanese are reported to have fled to Uganda in the month of January from towns in the southwest region.

Mr Dieng says that the refugees are giving accounts of civilian killings, destruction of homes, sexual violence, and looting of livestock and property, and cited fear of arrest and torture.

“If South Sudan is to achieve peace,” Mr Dieng said, “all belligerents must urgently cease hostilities and invest in the peace process to settle their differences, before the territorial fragmentation and destruction of the social fabric of this young country become irreversible.”

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