Breaking News: SPLM-IO killed 6 Generals of Juba this week aroud South Sudan including Maj. General Barack Chol Deng

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gatjiath-dPress release
By Col. William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO

February 11, 2017, In the recent response of the gallant SPLA-IO forces to the Juba regime aggression, assault and onslaught on the civilian population in and around Wau Shulluk and Owachi, the Juba regime lost Major General Barack Chol Deng, two Brigadier Generals, a Colonel and some junior officers.

Yesterday Friday February 10, 2017, the brutal and ruthless Juba regime also lost Major General Dagech Pajak and three other officers in an ambush while on his way to Boromadina. The ambush on Major General Pajak was a direct response to the attempt by the General Pajak and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to launch an attack on the gallant SPLA-IO controlled Boromadina.

The fighting also escalated in and around Dimjalab in Western Bhar el Gazal (WBGS) in which the gallant SPLA-IO forces managed to capture one (1) Land Cruiser mounted with 12.7 and enough ammunitions, while another Land Cruiser equally mounted with 12.7 was destroyed. After the fighting, one Juba regime soldier, Corporal Deng Bol joined the SPLA-IO.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Chief of General Staffs would like to inform all the gallant SPLA-IO commanders and units and indeed the people of South Sudan that Brigadier General Tut Gol Deng (the former commissioner of Yuai County), defected with other (5) officers, Major General Dak Chat Deng, Colonel Peter Gai Bayien Makuei, 1st Lt. Makuei Kueth Makuei, 2nd Lt. Makuei Chuol Makuei, and S/M.Makuei Gai Bayien are no longer in the rank and file of the SPLA-IO under the able leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. These former SPLA-IO officers left the people’s Movement alone and without any single following and the SPLA-IO wishes each of them all the best.

Cde Lul Ruach Koang the spokesman of Juba regime exaggerated the number from (6) officers who defected from Yuai and reported to Pajut without accompany to (1,500) soldiers may be Lul might not be aware of what has been going on here.

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