Breaking News: Dinka Bor attacked Lou Nuer, AN EMERGENCY MEETING IS BEING CALL and a call to action, Dinka Bor attacked Lou Nuer today


February 15, 2017, the leadership of the Lou Nuer community in the United States of America, Canada, and Australia is calling for Emergency meeting to all Lou Nuer community members world wide  today on February 15, 2017.

To all lou Nuer,
For your information, if you are sons and daughters of Lou Nuer in Canada, U.S.A and Australia, we need you for an emergency teleconference tonight. This is an urgent call that needs all Lou Nuer leaders and their members.
As the daughters and sons of this great community, you need to heed into this call without hesitation and your punctuality, as an individual is badly needed and you will get the # from your leader
Time: 8pm in the east, 7pm in Midwest and 6pm in the west
For those of Australia, you need to calculate the time compare to our evening in North America
Yien lam Reat


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