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February 23, 2017, It is under no circumstance that we, the Lou-Nuer Community in Uganda must entertain the ongoing destructive developments in our land. Owing to that virtue, we, the entire lou-Nuer Community in Uganda unreservedly and sternly condemns the recent coordinated attack in Uror County by the Government forces. It is not a puzzling situation that the Government remains so obvious in destabilizing communities that are peaceful.

What seems to be quite incomprehensive is the account on which the Government intends to disrupt the Lou-Nuer community that has witnessed peace for the last three years after the onset of the execution of the state policy of massacres. The peace accord was signed and it is being partially implemented. The Government in what seems to be a false pretense recently called for peace and reconciliation through community dialogue. However, the odd is being realized through the actions of brutality and atrocities by the Government which confirms that their intended plan for peace and reconciliation lacks truth and objective.

The entire Lou-Nuer community has not been in any demand for the easier said than delivered services since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005. The basic services such as health care, education, feeder roads among others have never been provided. We have witnessed barely a few developments. The Government has hardly done anything to improve the security situation in the Lou-Nuer areas and beyond.

Consequently, a million question which is pregnant with a whole lot of answers remains, what does the Government want from the area it does not develop? Apparently, destruction is the total concealed intention. A legitimate Government fights to win and not annihilate the civil population and become detrimental to their resources. Massive destructions have been witnessed in all areas that the Government forces have controlled. The Government has become an enormous threat to the lives of the innocent citizens that it is supposed to win and protect.

Our reaffirmation as Lou-Nuer in Uganda is that we stand in solidarity with our mighty community on the ground. Our land must not be used for advancing an agenda of clinging to power and achieving political benefits by the elitists. The Lol land belongs to the inhabitants that with resilient will robustly resist anyone whose perspective is to destroy it.

It must be brought to the senses of the international community that the Lou-Nuer is peaceful. We have never assailed any Government positions. However, the Government has triggered our offensive after an onslaught in Yuai town. We shall be forced to be on offensive and that shall go in line with our defense for the Lou-Nuer land – an account that must not be misconstrued. We live in peaceful coexistence and it must not be disrupted.

Never shall we succumb to any Government forces that will apply war to control us and our land. That stands a naked truth and no rocket scientist is needed to take into account and keep it in mind. We shall use everything within our power to ensure that we counter the mindset which wants us to be their property and obey them.


Viva South Sudan

Viva SPLA/M – IO

Viva Dr Machar

Viva Lou-Nuer

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