Revealed: S. Sudan govt spending almost 1 million dollar monthly’ to S. Africa for Machar to stay

KerryFebruary 23, 2017, The government of South Sudan is paying 500,000 US dollar to South African government for Machar to stay. The money is to ensure that Machar’s accommodation, guarding and restriction among others is in place as he continue to be held in South Africa.

Additional amount close to the above figure is also being paid to senior individual South African government officials tasked to frustrate any meeting with Machar by leaders in the continent and as well as the international community. Some are also being paid to ensure that Machar is kept out of reach of media and his calls are being monitored on hourly basis.

“Allegedly, while the Government of South Sudan spent about $ 3 million to have 3 South Sudanese kidnapped and deported to South Sudan to face torture and the danger of death; the same Government, according to sources, is spending $ 500, 000 a month to ensure Dr. Riek Machar is hosted, accommodated and taken care of in South Africa” said Rpd Miaming, a senior South African senior advocate and activist said

“In addition, according to the same sources, the Government of South Sudan is paying some individuals in the Government of South Africa to ensure that they frustrate any effort by Dr. Riek Machar to meet anyone in the Government here or anyone who wants to meet Dr. Riek Machar” he continued

Miamingi said there is ongoing investigative work being done to fully collect all the documented evident of this illegal process and that some enough evidents have already been collected.

“I want to thank those of you in Juba who have volunteered to send documentary evidence and additional information. You are risking your life for peace in the country” he said


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