Breaking News: Dinka led Government troops burned 30 people alive in Pigi County: Survivor

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Government troops carried out a massacre of at least 30 people including women and children after clashes with rebels at Kulothok village in Pigi County in South Sudan’s Jonglei State, according to a survivor.

The mass killing took place between Jonglei Canal and Khor Pulus.

Nyandeng Pur Deng, who survived the massacre, told Radio Tamazuj today that a group of 27 women, three youth and an infant, including herself were arrested by SPLA soldiers after fighting with rebel forces in Kulothok area on 22 February.

“They cordoned off our place and arrested us at night. They locked us up in a tukul for cattle and set it ablaze and they were also shooting at us, but I managed to find my way out of the fire. After the tukul was set on fire, I managed to find my way out because of smoke and suffocation. After I came out of the tukul, I was arrested by them [soldiers], I even left two of my children inside the tukul,” she said.

The survivor further said she was spared together with her baby by government forces after finding her way out of the fire.

She continued,” After the tukul for cattle was about to collapsed, I managed to find my way out together with my child and I left two of my children inside, and the other people died on the spot.”

Nyandeng pointed she was taken to Malakal together with other 11 women and children who were arrested by the government forces in the area, saying she is now sheltering inside the UN camp in Malakal town.

Meanwhile, the SPLA-IO faction allied to former first vice president Riek Machar accused the government forces of killing at least 37 people including women and children in Kulothok area.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday, William Gatjiath Deng, Military Spokesman of the SPLA-IO forces, said at least 37 people including women and children were burned alive by the government forces in Kulothok area.

For his part, Lul Ruai Koang, Military Spokesman of the SPLA forces in Juba, denied the claims, saying there were no civilians in Kulothok area. Lul claimed that the area was being controlled by the rebels.

Photo: A scene of another incident along the Yei-Lasu road in which a group of estimated 11 villagers were shot and then burnt in November last year/Radio Tamazuj.