Breaking News: Maybe you will find your Relative, a list of the names of illegal none Dinka who disappeared has been discovered

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March 3,2017, it’s now clear that the Dinka government is targeting none Dinka. For the benefit of the doubt, here are some names of Illegally detained South Sudanese in National Security Service Jails in Jebel Headquarters.

Detainees from Eastern Equatoria State:
1. Nyero Anthony Kenyi
2. Sakure Daniel
3. Tyson Meki
4. Lokolong Joseph
5. Ohitu Lawrence
6. Oce Bosco
7. Joseph Lorem
8. Julius Lotabai
9. Angelo Lomoi .

Detainees from Western Bar-El-Gazal State:
1. Emilio Paul
2. George Livio
3. Martin Augustino
4. Justin Wamawila
5. Mohamed Wol
6. James Lual
7. Mario Luciano
8. Shamsul Edward
9. Yahya Bababu

Detainees from Western Equatoria State:
1. Andrea Bambe
2. Tartizio Usini Donato
3. Daniel Lokurani
4. John Boliaho
5. Paul Baba

Detainees from Central Equatoria State:
1. Chandiga Felix
2. Benjamin Taban
3. Kenyi Kenedy Abdu
4. Ladu James Paul
5. Sokiri Felix
6. Sokiri Micheal
7. Aloro John
8. Ayume Dada
9. Alison Mogga (Died in custody)
10. Christoper Bagwe
11. Simon Evans
12. Wani Moki

Detainees from Unity State:
1. Dabol Tik Dak
2. Joseph Ngec
3. Nhial Nyoun

Detainees from Jongolei State:
1. William Nyuon

Names of detainees who have died in custody:
1. Gatmai Kuol
2. Mayatal Nyoun
3. Kasara Muon.
4. John Both
5. Gabriel Tang
6. Gabriel Udo
7. Musa Natali.

NOTE: Uppernile state Names will be publish soon…

Please circulate widely so that their relatives and friends are aware. Let us collectively work for the Freedoms and Rights of all South Sudanese in a just State. Together we can bring perpetrators of War Crimes to Justice.
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